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EA-32000 Lab Control Unit
EA-32000 Lab Control Unit

EA-32000 Lab Control Unit

(Single Gas Output/Two Progamable Timing Presets)

The EA-32000 Lab Control Unit is an economical unit. It is designed for small scale use by individual investigators in their laboratories. The Controller automates on/off gas flow at the push of a button, delivering CO2 to an individual cage or Euthanex lid. The EA-32000 has a single gas output and two programmable cycles that include charge and dwell times. The run and ready lights visually indicate operation and completion. Operates at a fixed flow rate based upon the external CO2 source.

  • Compliant with AVMA Guidelines
  • Treats animals at individual cage level
  • Designed for investigators that need to retrieve animals quickly
  • Utilizes the full range of Euthanex lid or induction chamber
  • Minimizes operator error and excessive gas use
  • Automatic shut-off saves gas and protects personnel
  • Double throw switch allows for two different treatment times
  • Lights indicate cycle completion
  • Easily attaches to wall

EA-32000 includes:

SMARTBOX®  Lab Control Unit and one EA-1130 Lab Unit Hose (Lid sold separately)