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M1-SBFF-1FM Chamber System with Flow Meter
M1-SBFF-1FM Chamber System with Flow Meter
Flow meter included with system
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M1-SBFF-1FM Chamber System with Flow Meter

The M1-SBFF-1FM SMARTBOX ® Chamber System with Flow Meter automates a three-stage euthanasia cycle at the push of a button: charging, dwell time, and exhaust. At the start of cycle, the door automatically locks and will not unlock until CO2 evacuation is complete. The clear polycarbonate door provides visibility while the front-loading, swing-down design offers easy cage access. The airtight, gasket-sealed door prevent gas leakage during operation. The manifold design ensures even gas distribution. The system accommodates the full range of rodent cages from all manufacturers. The M1-SBFF-1FM is designed for use with house supplied gas. The EA-285 must be purchased to use the M2-SBFF-1FM with CO2 cylinders.

  • Compliant with AVMA Guidelines
  • Accommodates 20 shoebox mouse cages or 4 standard rat cages
  • After starting system, technician is free to do other work
  • Programs can be customized based on facility requirements
  • Automation virtually eliminates operator error
  • Electronically monitored safety system prevents operation when chamber door is not properly closed
  • Door automatically locks during operation and unlocks after evacuation
  • Two preset times - adult and neonate

M1-SBFF-1FM includes:

SMARTBOX Side Control Box, M1 Chamber, FM-1 Flow Meter, Exhaust Blower, 8 feet of 4" Exhaust Tubing, two 4" Hose Clamps (Cart sold separately)