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EA-32002C Lab Control Unit
EA-32002C Lab Control Unit

EA-32002C Lab Control Unit 

(Two Gas Outputs/ Two Programmable Timing Presets with Individual Start Times)

The EA-32002C Lab Control Unit automates on/off gas flow at the push of a button, delivering CO2 to individual induction chambers or Euthanex lids. The EA-32002C is designed for small scale use by individual investigators in their laboratories. The Controller has two separate  and independent gas outputs - allowing up to two cages to be euthanized individually or staggered. This feature increases the user efficiency when individually euthanizing a large number of animals. The run and ready lights easily indicate outputs in operation. Operates at a fixed flow rate based on the external CO2 source.

Euthanex recommends pairing Flow Restrictors with our lids or Sure-Seal Chambers for the EA-32002C to avoid the need to adjust the incoming flow rate as the number of cages connected changes. Flow Restrictors are chosen according to your cage size and installed into the Euthanex lid or Sure-Seal Chamber. Using consistent pressure, the AVMA compliant flow rate will be delivered to each cage - regardless of the number of chambers in use.

  • Compliant with AVMA Guidelines
  • Increases efficiency by staggering cage start times
  • Treats animals at individual cage level
  • Designed for investigators that need to retrieve animals quickly
  • Utilizing the full range of Euthanex lids or existing induction chambers
  • Minimizes operator error and excessive gas use
  • Automatic shut-off saves gas and protects personnel
  • Double throw switches start and stop each output
  • Lights indicate cycle completion
  • Controller easily attaches to wall

EA-32002C includes:

SMARTBOX® Lab Control Unit and two color-coded EA-1130 Lab Unit Hoses (Lids sold separately)