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EZ-538 IntelliSwitch II
EZ-538 IntelliSwitch II

EZ-538 IntelliSwitch II

(Optional accessory for any multiple tank set-up.)

The fully-automatic 538 Series IntelliSwitch IITM gas switchover is a revolutionary new generation of gas management systems. The IntelliSwitch II features proprietary onboard I-Link web server technology that allows remote monitoring, secure system configuration, and e-mail notificaiton of real-time system status and events. It is ideally suited to interchangeable service/continuous supply in analytical laboratory, chemical process, instrumentation, and critical gas supply applications. The IntelliSwitch II offers continuous gas pressure and flow control from liquid or high pressure cylinder sources. The end-user selects the mode of supply by the simple push of a button. Proprietary software logic lowers yearly gas costs by eliminating liquid cylinder vent loss and excess residual return.