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FR Flow Restrictor
FR Flow Restrictor

FR Flow Restrictor

Flow Restrictors avoid the need to adjust the flow rate due to change in cage number and ensures AVMA compliance of CO2 flow using a set pressure. The Flow Restrictor is chosen based on the specific cage volume and calculated to be within the 2013 AVMA recommended 10% - 30% fill rate. Consistent pressure is required to ensure the specified flow rate is achieved. Inline regulators are required when using a house gas source to avoid any fluctuations in pressure that may cause a variation in flow rate.

Flow Restrictors are an essential accessory when connecting multiple cages to the Lab Control Unit models EA-32002C, EA-34000, and EA-34004C. For use with any size Euthanex lid between the lid and the lid stem. The Flow Restrictor can also be incorporated into any of our Sure-Seal Chambers. Verify cage size(s) and contact Customer Care to learn more.