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  • Understanding AVMAGuidelines
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Advancing Humane Euthanasia for Small Research Animals

  • AVMA Compliant
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  • Time and Cost Efficient
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Meeting Your Capacity Requirements
Euthanex can accommodate the full range of capacity needs, from single cage treatment up to high capacity rack systems that can treat up to 160 shoebox mouse cages in a single euthanasia cycle.

SMARTBOX® Auto CO2 Systems

Automated CO2 Systems offer a range of automation from simple on/off control to highly sophisticated species-specific control with multiple flow rates.The new generation of SMARTBOX Auto CO2 Systems utilizes advanced technology to individually control each level of the euthanasia process independently and automatically with the push of a button. This advancement provides for increased efficiency and flexibility of the SMARTBOX systems and, thereby, its operators and managers.

Euthanex Manual Single Cage Systems

Single cage systems offer manual gas delivery from the tank or in-house COsupply into a single cage.  Manual systems utilize Euthanex lids, which are available in a variety of sizes to fit virtually all cage sizes. Euthanex offers numerous manual configurations, including our new Tamper-Proof line of preset flow meters and regulators. Our Tamper-Proof line allows users to simply turn the gas on to deliver the preset flow required. Visual indication on the equipment ensures proper flows are achieved.