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Flow Meters or Regulators

In order for the CO2 gas to flow, there are different connections for house or cylinder sources. House gas is supplied from a centralized location - no CO2 cylinders are present in the lab. Flow meters are used to measure CO2 flow rates and integrate into the house gas system. A tank regulator cannot connect to a house gas source and must be used with cylinders. Tank regulators connect to a bottled gas cylinder to allow the CO2 to flow at a consistent and usable rate.

There is no formula to convert pressure to flow rate (LPM, CFH). Unless a flow meter is incorporated into the regulator design, regulators only output in pressure units - PSI or bar.

Flow rate is the only way to be compliant with the current AVMA guidelines. 

CO2 Flow Meter:

  • Measures flow rate of gas in liters per minute (LPM) or in cubic feet per hour (CFH)      
  • Allows user to know and accurately control gas fill rate of container 
  • Most flow meters attach to piped-in gas source
  •  Does not connect directly to cylinder unless incorporated with a tank regulator 

CO2 Tank Regulator:

  • Controls output pressure from gas cylinder (PSI, bar) to equipment
  • Connects directly to gas cylinders
  • Can output in flow or pressure depending upon regulator model  
  • Small5 lb CO2 E-tank requires a CGA-940 yoke style
  • All other North American CO2 tanks require a CGA-320 fitting

CO2 nline Regulator:

  • Essential when a known PSI is required (e.g. when using flow
  •  restrictors with house gas)
  • Controls gas pressure from building CO2 source
  •  Cannot be directly connected to CO2 cylinders