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Euthanex® …Humane Euthanasia Systems for Small Research Animals

About EuthanexLeading the Industry into the Future

Euthanex was the pioneer in home cage CO2 treatment with the Euthanex Lid System.  Now, we continue our tradition of innovation with the introduction of SMARTBOX®Auto CO2 Systems, offering a range of programmable automation for the ultimate in efficient delivery of CO2.

Euthanex Lids

In the1980s, Euthanex revolutionized the humane animal euthanasia process through the use of CO2 with our patented Euthanex Lid System. Euthanex lids allow animals to be gently euthanized through the precise control of gas introduction while they remain in their home cages, thereby minimizing added stress. The lid system is highly economical and efficient and still widely used today.  Euthanex lids are available in a range of sizes. These heavy-duty, stainless steel lids include an easy, quick disconnect lid stem for gas input and a foam gasket for a secure fit. The foam gasket seal also allows each Euthanex lid to be used on a smaller cage size. Custom lid sizes and flow restrictors are also available.

Superior Customer Service

The quality of our customer care matches the quality of our products. We take pride in providing friendly, expert customer service. A veterinarian is also on staff to answer any technical questions.